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Spring 2014 Arm Cross-Compilers for Mac OS X Released

Although delayed by a couple months, updated ARM-2014.05-28 EABI and ARM-2014.05-29 GNU/Linux cross-compiler toolchains for Mac OS X are now available. Unlike earlier toolchains releases that supported both the Apple i386 and x86_64 host architectures, these versions exclusively support only a 64 bit host architecture.  For more information, please refer to the FAQS.


Revised Energy Micro Application Note AN103 Now Available

In April 2012, we wrote an application note intended for public distribution demonstrating Energy Micro EFM32 embedded product development in a native Mac OS X hosting environment.  Since the initial release of this application note, a number of significant external developments have occurred — including the release of native J-Link drivers and Simplicity Studio for Mac OS X.  As a result of future upcoming work with the EFM32, we have updated and revised AN103 with more contemporary information to make it more useful to others.  For more information visit Application Note AN103 Summary.

Spring 2013 Arm Cross-Compilers for Apple Macs Now Available

For embedded software engineers developing for ARM targets hosted in Mac OS X environments, we have released our latest EABI (bare-metal) and GNU/Linux cross-compiler toolchains.  These latest builds are based on the Mentor Graphics Sourcery toolchain releases 2013.05-23 and 2013.05-24 made available to the general public on May 7th, 2013.

The Mac OS X cross-compiler equivalent for these versions are now available from our download webpage.  Pre-built binaries for bare metal and GNU/Linux targets can be downloaded using the ARM-2013.05-23 EABI and ARM-2013.05-24 GNU/Linux shortcuts.

Fall 2013 Arm Cross-Compilers for Mac OS X Released

The next generation ARM-2013.11-24 EABI and ARM-2013.11-33 GNU/Linux cross-compiler toolchains for Mac OS X are now available from our website downloads page.