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Application Note AN103 Summary

Document Revision: 2.0 (Revised January 2014)

Traditionally most embedded firmware/hardware engineers have largely used Windows - and sometimes Linux-based host platforms - to perform embedded product development work.  While native tool availability has limited the use of the Mac for this purpose in the past, changing circumstances, the growing popularity of this system, and its natural strengths make it highly suitable for embedded development work.

This application note details the process of building and debugging a sample EMLCD project for the Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko demonstration board (STK) under Mac OS X.  Specifically the paper describes how to download, configure, and use the Eclipse IDE, J-Link drivers, the Carlson-Minot GNU ARM EABI cross-compiler toolchain for the Mac, Simplicity Studio, and other associated tools.

With the release of native Segger J-Link drivers and Energy Micro's Simplicity Studio, the need for the virtual appliance and application note support file kit referenced in earlier versions of the application note are no longer necessary. 


Using Mac OS X, Eclipse, and GNU tools with the Energy Micro EFM32